5oz Pia Beeswax & Coconut Oil Candle Combo Pack (4)

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In this combo pack, you will receive a variety of 4 of our most popular Pia candles

Pia Candles (4.5 ounces of wax)

Combo pack will include a variety of 4 candles: (this may vary)

  • Curved green candle
  • Straight brown candle
  • Clear straight candle
  • Clear curved candle or straight green candle

Each Pia candle is made from rescued beer/soda/juice glass bottles. Pia means "beer" in Hawaiian and most of the Pia candles come from repurposed beer bottles from Maui. Our candles are made with beeswax (80%) and coconut oil (20%). We use 100% beeswax and coconut oil with no fillers or artificial fragrances and use natural cotton wicks so each candle burns evenly and smoothly for the ultimate aromatherapy. All of our essential oils scents we use are pure and made from natural sources. Our candles throw a sweet scent of honey in the air mixed with whatever scent you choose. 

A bit more about why we chose beeswax: Beeswax burns cleaner than other types of candles, making it the more healthy choice for the lungs! When beeswax candles are burned, they release negative ions similar to an air purifier. These negative ions negate the positive charge or air contaminants such as airborne pollen, mites, dirt, dust, and other pollutants. These pollutants are either sucked back into the burning candle or fall to the ground. Since beeswax candles reduce indoor pollutants, they can effectively reduce asthma and allergies. Beeswax candles also last longer and burn brighter than other types!

Why do we add coconut oil to the wax?

Coconut oil helps slow the burn of the beeswax and also keeps the candle from tunneling and also helps throw scent in the air. Our candles are a mix of 80% beeswax and 20% coconut oil.

Tips to make your candles last longer:

  • Wrap the wicks in aluminum foil and freeze the candle for an hour or two
  • Light the candle and after the wax has pooled beneath the wick, blow it out and mix a pinch of table salt into the wax
  • Keep the wick trimmed to ÂĽ of an inch
  • Keep candle away from drafty areas such as windows or doorways

The first burn of a candle is important in setting the pace for how the candle will burn every other time that it is lit. When you light your candle for the very first time, make sure that it burns long enough to melt the wax all the way to the outer edge. This may take several hours. The general rule of thumb is to let the candle burn for approximately an hour per every inch of diameter. It's also important to not over trim the wick length every time the candle is lit. A wick that's trimmed too short will not allow the candle to burn hot enough and may cause tunneling. A wick that is not trimmed far enough could cause the candle to burn too hot and may cause smoking.

By purchasing this candle, you are supporting a company with a mission to repurpose glass in Hawaii into sustainable, usable products. All candle containers are hand-cut, sanded, and polished for a smooth finish. You’re giving this glass a second life!

*Because of the up-cycled nature of the product, not every piece will be the same - each piece is unique in its own special way.

All products from Revive Glassworks are made from recycled glass in Maui, Hawaii.





Width: 2.25"-2.5"
Colors: Green, clear and brown
Material: Repurposed glass