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Maui Strong Banyan Fist Glass (singles)

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"Maui Strong" Glassware Fundraiser SeriesĀ 

Strong Fist of the Banyan TreeĀ 

This design is a symbol of strength and the famous banyan tree representing that even though the banyan tree went through the fire, the tree still remains alive and will grow new leaves, just at the local people of Lahaina will do.

The Maui Strong Series - A Glassware Tribute:Ā Our cause is embodied in the "Maui Strong" glassware series. These glasses are more than just beautiful drinking vessels; they are a testament to the indomitable spirit of Lahaina. With each sip, they carry a powerful reminder of a community that rose from the ashes, quite literally. Even as months and years pass, these glasses will serve as a perpetual symbol of resilience and unity.

A Story Worthy of Legends:Ā Every time someone drinks from one of these glasses, they are reminded of how a small island town was rescued by its own people and residents. Many local heroes risked their lives to save others, and some even had to break the law to help those in need. These glasses bear witness to the strength and courage displayed in the face of adversity. They tell the story of a community that came together, stronger than ever, in the wake of crisis.

OUR CAUSE:Ā Revive Glassworks stands with the resilient community of Lahaina in its efforts to rebuild, emphasizing the needs and requests of local people over corporate interests. We believe in the power of transformation, just as we have transformed repurposed wine bottles into beautiful drinking glasses. This symbolizes our belief that, with optimism, ingenuity, and repurposing, we can "Let Lahaina Rebuild Lahaina."

Why These Families:Ā We have selected these four families because their stories touched our hearts deeply. One of the families we know personally and seen the tragedy and heartache first hand from knowing them for years. Each ofĀ familiesĀ has proven themselves to be extraordinary individuals who have made a positive impact on their communities in different ways. Their resilience, selflessness, and the adversity they have faced make them deserving recipients of our support. We wanted to ensure that every dollar raised goes directly to these families, knowing it will directly benefit those in need, rather than administrative expenses.

Meet the Families:

  1. Tevaga Ohana - Marvin and Janice TevagaĀ Marvin Tevaga, a Maui Police Officer, has been a hero both locally and globally. His dedication to serving children in India and students at King Kekaulike High School is awe-inspiring. Marvin's story is one of transformation; he went from a 'troubled youth' to a devoted school resource officer who passionately serves his students as a counselor and teacher. His commitment to bridging the gap between law enforcement and youth has earned him recognition, including the 2018 Floyd Ledbetter National School Resource Officer of the Year Award. Marvin was even featured on Good Morning America on Aug. 17, 2023. To contribute to the Tevaga Ohana, please Venmo @Janice-Tevaga or visit Marvin Tevaga's music page:Ā

    Christian & Randy Courtemanche:Ā Father and son, Randy and Christian Courtemanche, displayed extraordinary bravery during the Lahaina Fire. They risked their lives to save their apartment complex, Lahaina Surf, using fire extinguishers and garden hoses. Randy's heroic act saved 40 apartment units, and Christian demonstrated incredible courage during this harrowing experience. They need financial help and medical assistance for Randy, who suffered smoke inhalation. Support them through their GoFundMe page:Ā You can watch Randy's heroic story on ABC News here:Ā

    The Vargas Family:Ā The Vargas Family tragically lost 14-year-old Keyiro Fuentes in the Lahaina Fire. Keyiro, who would have turned 15, was unable to escape the flames. His adoptive mother, Luz Vargas, tried desperately to reach him but arrived too late. The Vargas family is raising funds for Keyiro's funeral to ensure he receives the farewell he deserves. Their heart-wrenching story was featured on CBS News, shedding light on the devastating impact of the Maui Fire. Contribute to their cause through their GoFundMe page:Ā You can also learn more about their story on CBS News here:ĀĀ and on KHON2 NEWS here:Ā

    The AlanTown Family: Aloha - My name is Tanja Miller. I lived with 6 other people in the heart of Lahaina in a big house called AlanTown. The fire took everything, except our lives. One of my housemates. Shawn, barely escaped by abandoning his vehicle that was blocked in traffic on Front Street and jumped into the ocean to avoid the flames. Only after we saw he was interviewed by ABC news, we knew he was alive. to-escape-flames-it-seemed-like-i-might-drown-102176608?id=102142125. He sustained 2nd degree burns on his legs and the bottoms of both feet. I will be sharing some of my donations with him & the rest of my housemates. I want you to know that EVERY TIME I RECEIVE a new donation, it feels like HOPE. You are helping me emotionally & mentally, as well as fiscally. Because of experiencing this HOPE, now every day I look on gofundme and I donate to somebody, whether I know them or not, and help others who lost everything here on Maui. The more money I raise, the more people I can support & give them HOPE too. So GRATEFUL to BE ALIVE! I am paying it forward now. Today. Everyday. And every little bit helps. I appreciate whatever you're comfortable giving.

How You Can Help:Ā Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of these families as they rebuild and recover from this tragic event. We invite you to donate to their respective causes by visiting the provided links. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings hope and assistance to those in need.

For more information on these families and their stories, please visit the following link:Ā

Our Unique Drinking Glasses:Ā Our drinking glasses are crafted from repurposed wine bottles that would have ended up in a landfill, embodying the spirit of transformation and renewal. We offer two versions of these glasses: laser engraved or adorned with a red clay-colored ceramic decal, symbolizing the rich red clay dirt of Hawaii, from which everything grows.

Design Variety:Ā Choose from four different designs, each representing the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Hawaii. You have the flexibility to purchase these glasses individually or as a set of four, allowing you to mix and match designs.

Durability and Practicality:Ā Our brown drinking glasses are not only environmentally friendly but also incredibly durable. They are dishwasher safe and some of the strongest glassware in the world, ensuring they withstand everyday use.Ā