Jumbo Self-Watering Planter

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This is the perfect planter for your kitchen window, garden, lanai, living room, bathroom or bedroom.  Plant any kind of herbs, succulents and flowers and watch the magic happen! This self-watering planter is made from 2 litre sized recycled wine bottles that would have been sent to the landfill or would have been shipped across the ocean, costing the environment and local community to dispose of. By repurposing this bottle, you are contributing to keeping a greener planet by lightening the carbon impact on our planet. 

How does our self-watering planter work?

Water from the bottom container will soak the thick cotton wick. Water then runs up the wick into the top container where the potting mix and plant is growing. This will keep the potting mix moist for 2 weeks to 3 weeks. We recommend you keep the bottom compartment filled with water as much as possible. The roots of the plant will start to grow down the neck of the bottle which is fun to watch.


  • Germinate 2-4 seeds for 2-7 days until they crack open
  • Plant the seeds in the top glass container filled with potting mix
  • Water the plant and fill the bottom container up to the top
  • Watch the plant grow without having to water it for 2-3 weeks.

These planters are made locally on Maui, HI in our repurposing glass factory in downtown Kahului in the industrial district. We receive our bottles from Maui Disposal and other outside sources where they would end up in a landfill or shipped 3,000 miles away. Revive's bottles go through a very extensive procedure from us getting it as "trash" and turning it into something extraordinary.

We first sort the bottles by bottle type, then we clean the bottles and remove the labels, after that we cut the bottles through a special technique then sand down the edges to make the edges very smooth, then finally polishing the rims to really make them sparkle. 

By purchasing this self-watering planter, you are supporting a company with a mission to repurpose glass in Hawaii into sustainable, usable products. All planters are hand-cut, sanded, and polished for a smooth finish. You’re giving this glass a second life! We bring glass "back to life" at Revive Glassworks.

By repurposing this wine bottle, you are saving enough energy to light up your entire house for an hour!


All products from Revive Glassworks are made from recycled glass in Maui, Hawaii.