About Us

Revive Glassworks

We need a glass solution for Hawaii. All of our used glass bottles in our state get shipped off island 3000 miles away to California or get buried in a landfill, costing the environment greatly. Revive Glassworks helps solve that problem by becoming the first glass manufacturer in the state of Hawaii. And when I say glass manufacturer, I mean repurposed glass from wine and liquor bottles that we source from hotels, restaurants and the local community of Maui. Since starting this company in 2021, we have rescued over 50,000 bottles and have transformed them into beautiful, artful and useful products that meets the needs of homes, hotels, restaurants, special events and many other types of businesses. 

Our company is called “Revive Glassworks” for a reason. Our slogan is “We Bring Glass Back To Life”. We “Revive” the glass into something beautiful and give it a new life. Our 3200 square foot glass factory in Kahului is where is each glass is crafted with “Aloha” with our state of the art, industrial machinery that cuts, sands, bevels, flame polishes the rims and then anneals the glass to make it dishwasher safe. 

Revive Glassworks has over 10 glassware products so far and the list keeps growing. Our products include drinking glasses, large sippy cups with bamboo lids and stainless steel straws, cocktail glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, storage containers with bamboo lids, candles, serving dishes, self watering planters and vases.

We specialize in customizing glassware for many businesses and events and can put any design or logo onto any of our glassware products through laser engraving or ceramic decals. We can do one color, 2 color and full color designs. Revive Glassworks caters to many events such as weddings or anniversaries.

Our glassware is stronger than most glassware on the market because it’s made from thicker glass. Many restaurants and homes don’t have to re-order as often when using our glassware because of its durability and strength.

Revive Glassworks is for everyone. We do it all. From small orders for your home to large orders for the top hotels and restaurants in Hawaii and elsewhere, we can do it. We are a fresh, green alternative for your glassware needs, and you can feel good about your purchase by knowing you have the most unique, the strongest and most eco-friendly glassware in the world.